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For The Love Of God Turn Down The Drums , I’m Thinking Here!

When Greg asked me to write this week’s “blog” I figured I had a topic, halfway into it I discovered I’m not a writer. Thank God this isn’t how I earn a living.  Bear with me, over the last few years I’ve been enjoying new music less & less, not the quality of performances, it’s the sound , I prefer the way drums sound on older stuff, how they sound like drums & have tone etc. Current drums sounds sound like a big solid thing being hit by big solid things & they are far too prominent in the mix. Stuff from the mid 60s into the mid 70s,sit nicely in the “mix”, just check out any Led Zeppelin or better still check out psychedelic period Beatles, to get an idea of what I’m talking about. Maybe my next entry will be legendary, but as they say

“You have to learn to walk before you can fly”. One more thing, Chelsea, I’ll be by between 8:45 and

9:15 for my bagel & coffee, see you then.

Posted by Garry Watson on September 25th 2008 in Music Industry, | Next: American Metal | Previous: In the Valley of the Shadow of Box Sets


  1. You WERE in today!! Next time I shall try and have your bagel and coffee ready for you, such a useless employee I am.  Maybe after a few more years of working there…
    Good blog!  Turn down the drums!

    Chelsea in Winnipeg on September 28th 2008 at 11:45pm #

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