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Special Announcement from Greg Tonn!

As you’ve probably heard by now, Into The Music was the high bidder for the CBC Winnipeg music library: about 16,000 LPs & 26,000 CDs.  Just to put that into perspective, that addition doubles our vinyl inventory and triples the CD stock we have on the floor right now!  In case you didn’t see it in the Wpg Free Press on Tuesday, Rob Williams wrote a spot on and accurate summary of what happened to make all this a reality.  Check out his article HERE.  As you can tell from the picture that accompanies the WFP article, we now have the collection at our storage site.

As a side bar to the article, on the morning the picture was taken (and proof positive that I can smile for a 7:30AM photo op) I picked up a rental and drove to Regina.  My goal was to explore the option of making an offer on the CBC Regina record and CD library, one of the few CBC libraries that has yet to be decommissioned.  And on the morning that the WFP article hit the stands, I got a call from Regina informing us that again we were the high bidder and our offer had been accepted.  WE WILL SOON GET THE CBC REGINA COLLECTION.  If anything it’s vinyl content is comparable to Winnipeg though the CD numbers are significantly higher and include over 6000 classical and 1700 jazz CDs (there were no classical or jazz CDs in the Wpg collection, having been previously donated to a local University).

We have certain challenges ahead.  The process will be a little different for the Regina collection.  Instead of bringing every single piece back to Wpg, we’ll sort and come back with what will be of greatest interest to our customers.  The rest will be donated.  And of course the biggest question is how are we going to get all this out and available for sale as quickly as possible.  Watch this newsletter for updates on how during this 25th Anniversary year we are going to do just that (with perhaps a few surprises).

For those of you who would like to continue trading or selling your used CDs & vinyl don’t be discouraged.  During these last few weeks we’ve been a little overwhelmed organizing our storage facility, changing the work flow to get more stock out and setting up our new eBay store (search for us on eBay at Into The Music Winnipeg).  WE ARE BUYING STOCK AGAIN NEXT WEEK, JUNE 25th to JUNE 29th FOR ONE WEEK ONLY.  After that I’m off to Regina to pack up the CBC collection and facilitate the move of 200 more boxes back to Wpg.  We will be buying again shortly after the week of July 9th, again watch this space for further details.

There is nothing but good news right now.  With the summer here, the Jazz Fest under way with the Fringe and Folk Fests to come, this is looking to be our best year ever.  These collections represent the best opportunity for us to grow and expand our business during a time when record & CD store across Canada and the world continue to struggle and indeed close.  We’ve succeeded because of the great support we’ve had from everyone reading this newsletter and music collectors everywhere.

More to come.
Greg Tonn

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