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In-store performance guidelines

In-store shows should be between 15-25 minutes max. If you do not have your merch on consignment already at Into the Music, you can make arrangements to leave some stock with us, or if you only want to consign during the actual in-store performance, we can sell your merch for you on a temporary consignment basis where we take a $1 service charge for each item that sells, and then give back any remaining items after your show is over. (the latter arrangement is especially suitable for touring artists). Another option is top handle all merch sales yourself, in which case we do not take the $1 surcharge. In addition, artists who do an in-store with us receive a 15% discount on all used stock and a 10% discount on all new stock in the store the day of their show.

Please note that Into the Music staff is not required to help with equipment load in or load out. Also please show up at least 1/2 hour before your show to set up and test equipment so that your show can start on time.

What We Have:

300w a side stereo powered mixer, will accommodate 8 mics or instruments + 2 additional stereo channels for keyboards etc. w/ 2 x 15” Speakers. There is built in Reverb / Delay on the mixer for Vocals. It is a small space so miking drums is definitely not necessary. (Think “practice room” volume!)

2 x Shure SM58 mics + Stands for main vocals

What you need to bring with you:

Your own sound person! We have one person on staff with sound tech experience but he will not always be working when you do your show, so best to count on bringing a friend with you to run sound. However, our setup is so simple that no one’s ever needed a sound person yet!

Your own power bars! Instruments, whatever cables you need to plug them in & small instrument (backstage size / practice) amps if you have them. You could plug guitars / bass into the PA at a squeeze but if you have small amps definitely bring them!

Please note we don’t have spare cabling or adapters in the store, the PA inputs are XLR for mics & 1/4” for instruments.

We have a small raised stage - but if you show up with 3 full marshall stacks, the drummer’s not gonna fit on there!