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Turntables / Record Players

Winnipeg offers a complete range of suppliers to meet all your LP needs.  Following is a short list of stores that we would recommend for not just the range of products sold, but for their integrity too.  We have had good experiences with all of them over the years.

We like independent stores, the sort of operation where the owner runs the place and they’ve been doing good business on word of mouth for years (sort of like us). 

WARNING – We do not recommend any of those $100 turntables, the sort you can buy at some of the local boxstores.  The are cheap and will make your records sound the same.  And they will wear your records out faster than you can say “Gee my vinyl sure sounds crappy.”

Columbus Radio
1151 Sanford Street

Columbus is THE place for turntable repairs. 

Creative Audio
214 Osbourne Street

The best Audiophile Shop in town.  Best service, most knowledgeable staff and best quality equipment.  These guys have been selling the best quality turntables for over 25 years and yes, they have had them continuously, no jumping on the bandwagon during the upswing.  If you have an audiophile quality turntable or system or want one, this is the place to be.

Advance Electronics
1300 Portage Avenue

Advance is the largest independent retailer of quality electronics in Winnipeg.  They have the largest selection of turntables in town with a price range from $400 to $4000.

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