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  • Title: Shure M97xE Audiophile Cartridge / Stylus
  • Format: Turntable Supplies
  • Condition: New
  • Options:

***** OUR BEST SELLER! *****
*  Shure’s exclusive viscous-damped Dynamic Stabilizer maintains a uniform distance between the cartridge and the record under difficult playing conditions, such as those caused by warped records or mismatched tonearm mass. When such stabilization is not required, the stabilizer brush can be locked up into its detent position, which, under ideal playing conditions, can provide even better sound quality.
  * A die-cast aluminum mounting block for secure, vibration-free attachment to the tonearm.
  * SIDE-GUARD stylus protection system helps prevent stylus damage if the cartridge accidentally slides across a record. This unique feature responds to side thrusts on the stylus by withdrawing the entire stylus cantilever and tip safely into the stylus housing before the cantilever can be damaged.

  * Stylus Mass: Very Low
  * Diamond Stylus Tip: Elliptical
  * Sound Accuracy: Very High
  * Record Wear: Very Low
  * Key Features: Dynamic Stabilizer Brush

  * Replacement Stylus: N97xE.

Please Note Shure Products Are Authorized For Sale Within Canada Only.

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