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A Primer on Selling Us Your Music

Into The Music is a Quality dealer – we are not a junk shop or dumping ground. We purchase what we can resell in collections large and small and try to make the experience fast, easy and fair. Picture identification will be required for any purchase over $20. If stock looks suspicious or stolen, we will not purchase and we are not required by law to take your items for sale. We will advise folks with collections of stock we are not able to purchase on the best options for disposing of your records, CD’s etc (that do not require you to dump it in the garbage).

We pay cash for quality used LPs, CDs, music DVDs & videos, music books, cassette tapes and music memorabilia. We purchase any music or music related merchandise for our customers and with 20+ years experience, we know what they are looking for and what they are indifferent about. Our customers show us daily with their enthusiasm or apathy what they are not willing to purchase and how much they are willing to pay. Most LPs for sale graded Excellent to Mint minus although we do accept VG+ for high demand items and VG condition records if the rarity is exceptional (please refer to Goldmine Record Condition Guide).

We do not purchase poor quality, overstock or less desirable titles, again based on customer demand. We also do not purchase books not related to music, movies, 8-tracks and most 78rpm discs.

As a general rule, we ask customers to bring their items for sale to our McDermot Street location. Larger collections, (more than will fit in a car) we can accommodate and we will travel to where you are. Out of town collections are by special arrangement. Because of the investment in time and rental vehicles required, please be prepared to answer a number of questions from us to determine if this is likely a good investment of our time and yours.


We pay from 20 to 30% of retail for quality used LPs and 45s. The more scarce or higher the demand, the better the condition (vinyl, sleeve, inserts included) the faster we think we can sell it, the higher the % of retail we will pay (Starting at 50c per LP). Very common “stock” LPs, the ones we never have a hard time finding and for the most part the demand is not exceptional, for these we pay a dollar. However it is not uncommon for us to pay $2, to $5 per LP and certainly we have paid considerably more for the right stock in the right condition.

Vinyl purchasing days are set aside as Mondays (from 11:00 to 6:00), Tuesdays (from 11:00 to 4:00) and Fridays (from 11:00 to 6:00). LP’s & 7inch 45s can be dropped off anytime during business hours but will only be looked at during the above times. If you have any questions please feel free to call Greg during the above hours. Please call in advance to ensure I will be there and not on lunch or traveling to purchase collections elsewhere. It’s not a guarantee I will be there but as a general rule I will make every effort.


We pay up to 30% of the resale value for quality used CDs. As a general rule, we pay $1 to $2 per disc for good titles in good condition. Please keep in mind that prices are changing downward for many CD titles as a result of market conditions and lower pricing for many brand new titles. Broken cases, sleeves with writing or water damage or other unsightly blemishes will bring our price down or exclude your item from consideration.

Many Popular Artists From The 80s & 90s are now in our Bargain Bin. These titles we will only pay 20c for i.e. Madonna, U2, REM, Tragically Hip, Enya..etc.

CDs, DVDs, tapes etc can be sold any day during opening hours. If you feel you have an exceptional or unusual item, please call ahead of time and we will try to make whatever arrangements are reasonable. It’s always OK to call.